In the area behind Andron B, the so-called Terrace House is situated immediately south of the Temple of Zeus. In the south wall of this structure there are two entrances into a corridor running in front of four chambers, three of which are supplied with a roof to be used for storage of excavation equipment and finds.

    The Terrace House was built in the 4th century BC, possibly to serve as a treasury or for storage. Its flat roof was part of the Temple Terrace area. In Hellenistic times, it appears that the roof caved in, since the rooms were filled up with debris, which may have given better stability to this part of the Temple Terrace. At the right-hand, eastern entrance to the corridor, a narrow staircase originally led up to the level of the roof; to the right of it is a second, narrow staircase. Further on to the west, beyond the left-hand entrance to the building, another staircase leads up to the front of Andron A, but these stairs were built in 1960 and are not ancient.

The Terrace House,

seen from the south-west.