Returning to the open area inside the entrance buildings, there is a high wall to the north with three large openings to oblong rooms behind the front. The left edge of a fourth opening can be seen to the right. These rooms are not excavated, but they may have been storerooms. Above the wall, and behind it, is a large open area, bordered to the east by a long columnar hall (the East Stoa, no. 12), which is best reached from the next terrace. To the left, a 12-meter-wide processional staircase leads up from the Propylon Area towards the Andron B and C terraces.

North Wall of the Propylon area, seen from the South.

The monumental staircase leading up from the Entrance (or Propylon) Area.

1.South Propylon    2.Doric Building   3. East Church    4.East Bath    5.East Propylon    6.Hypostyle Structure    7.North wall of Propylon area