About 100 meters east of Andron B, at the eastern border of the sanctuary lies the East Stoa, which has only partly been excavated. It appears to have been built in the 4th century BC and was probably also part of the Hekatomnid project.

It is 44.5 meters long and probably had 17 Doric columns a little over 4 meters high on the front, which faces west. The stoa was not completely finished; like the Doric Building, its columns never received any flutes.

    The columns probably carried wooden beams; the roof was covered with terracotta tiles. Behind the colonnade there were 6 square rooms (ca 6.3 x 6.3 m in size), the entrances of which were asymmetrically placed. This shows that the rooms were furnished with dining couches, 11 in each room, used for sacrificial meals at the sacred festivals.

Isometric perspective of dining room in the East Stoa.

(T. Thieme)

A restoration of the facade of the East Stoa (S. Forsberg). The right end is hypothetic.

Excavation of the East Stoa, view from the north (1990).