A second entrance building is situated 25 meters to the northeast of the South Propylon, to which it is almost identical. Like the South Propylon it had two columns between the antae on both fronts, and there was a cross-wall with three doorways in the centre. Its date is not established by any inscriptions, and it is therefore not certain if it is older or younger than the South Propylon, but it is assumed that it was also erected in the mid-4th century by the Hekatomnids. Here two anta capitals similar to those of the South Propylon can be seen.

    Traces of the foundation for a road to the north-east of Labraunda indicate that there was a paved road towards the sanctuary even in this direction, which means that it ran over the pass that leads from the towns of Alinda and Alabanda in the valley to the north and north-east of Labraunda. There may thus have been a second processional road from the north, ending at the East Propylon, in the same way as the Sacred Way from Mylasa ended at the South Propylon.

View of the East Propylon

from the north-west.

Restored plan of the East Propylon.

(K. Jeppesen 1955)

Marble anta capital of the East Propylon.