Plan of the Akropolis Fortress.

(L. Karlsson)

    Up the slope, at the top of the hill, ca 100 meters above the sanctuary, there are the remains of a 4th century BC fortress surrounded by 280 meters long and 1.8 meters thick curtain walls. There are 11 defensive towers, one of which on the northern side is a chevron-shaped artillery bastion measuring 12.7 x 9.2 meters. The fortress is ca 135 meters in length and 90 meters across, and the gate is on the side facing the sanctuary to the south.

There was also an inner wall and some buildings, possibly barracks for soldiers, inside the fortress. This may be the fortress Petra, which is mentioned in a letter of 220 BC from king Philip V to the dynast Olympichos, inscribed on an anta block belonging to Andron B.

Restored view of the Akropolis Fortress.

(S. Forsberg)